Thursday, November 24, 2011


Wonderful Thanksgiving at Aunt Ginny's house. So glad Amy was home, just wasn't long enough! She has to work tomorrow and then is off the weekend... So it goes.  We were glad Mama Nick felt like being with us. It reminded me so much of the little book by the title Love You Forever.

We were all stuffed and after I came home with Paul and Amy and she packed up to go home, I went back to Aunt Ginny's to help her clean up. Really all I did was bring my dishes back home; she said she handwashes her china and crystal, which is smart and which I would do also if I ever used real china and crystal!

Somehow the cousins got on the topic of quantum physics - I think I asked if any of them knew the correct term for the repetitive patterns that go on infinitum, and if Marianna knew how long the DVDs of "Lord of the Rings" are (I asked to borrow sometime) - I'm not sure if anyone ever said, although some of the "uncut" movies are 4 hours long - but we laughed and joked about QP and parallel universes and the invented language of J.R.R. Tolkien. If there is another "me" out there somewhere, I hope she is as blessed as I am! I am here and now and this is just where I want to be - with fewer visits from Arthur. Thank You, Lord.

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