Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It was forecast and it arrived early this morning. Although it came down in big wet flakes several times and filled up shady areas, it didn't stay around long.

Aunt Ginny called and asked if I wanted to go to Burnsville with her to return some upholstery fabric and see what else they had suitable. Fabrics and More is a huge warehouse of a store with inexpensive fabric. Good fabric. Rolls and rolls of it. Not the warmest place in winter nor the coolest in summer, but today seemed about right. She found her material to cover a chair she's had for years and loves - a small rocker/recliner. And I found a piece that just caught my eye and I just knew... I had already decided to use another piece I had on a side chair that had been Paul's grandmother's; Sher and I talked about it when she was here and it was just right. But this is - like lollipops and happiness and will be great in my odd little room. The orange floral - it's probably been on this chair 40+ years. I think I'll ask the upholsterer to save the big pieces. Sure, and I need to stash those pieces somewhere so someone can find them in another 40 years and wonder why they were kept... So? It'll be okay. The fabric for the chair cost $16.02. Not sure what the man charges to do the work, but reasonable. There is also a dresser seat I'll cover with this if there's enough left and there should be - the chart said it'd take 3 yards and there was 3 3/4 there. Wish I could paint this room, but that's a huge project for another time. It may never get done because I for sure can't/won't move all this stuff in here again!

Tomorrow I have another filling done in Corinth; Paul is going with me. We'll go to Lowe's to return the light globe we didn't need after the light bulbs improved the lighting. I asked Aunt G if she needed anything from Walmart (Supercenter) and she asked for 2 bags of frozen 20-ct Pillsbury Southern Style Biscuits. She bakes a biscuit every morning for breakfast. I buy our cheeses there because it's cheaper and since Paul is going with me, I won't mind going there as much.

After tomorrow the holiday schedule of events will pick up considerably. Thursday night is our Sunday School class party; Friday night - the Christmas parade. I haven't seen an Iuka Christmas parade in nearly a half century! Wow! Amazing to even think that! Bren's husband Jim drives his antique tractor in it along with other of his club members. She and I (and Paul) will meet at the old courthouse museum and serve hot chocolate and cookies; we'll also be able to go up into the old court room and see about half the town from there. I'm sure Jay Bird Park gazebo will be lit as well as Mineral Springs Park with all its sidewalks and walkways lined with lights. Love it!

Saturday I plan to help with the kids' Christmas party at the library. I have Christmas cupcakes to make; I think I'll make an easy version of the Snickers ones, just regular cake mix and poke a little Snicker into the middle. No fancy frosting - just white with sprinkles. The party lasts a couple of hours so I'll stay and try to be of help.

Sunday is Amy's birthday and Paul said let's go take her out for lunch. It's her weekend to work, but she has to eat.

These last couple of days have been luxurious to just sit back and let the weather happen, not really having to get out; grazing on crunchy snacks, watching History channel or old movies, finishing a book (Rin Tin Tin - really good!).

Only one thing to "deal with" for now - I think it's the battery on the laptop. Kaput. It won't hold a charge and goes dead when it's unplugged. So it goes to town with us tomorrow along with my and Aunt G's chairs.

Listening to the soundtrack from "As Good As It Gets" - one of my favorite movies. Sort of melancholic, but skippy/happy music, dips and lilts. I'm sure there's a musical name for it, but I don't know it. I just like it.

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