Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sher is coming a day earlier than she first thought. Ben and Heather's wedding is at 4:00 Saturday and it would be pushing her to get here from Panama City same day. Amy texted me and said she will be here Saturday morning. Just happened to think: Jordan will sleep on the couch again, I guess. Just when you think two extra bedrooms is enough! ha

Paul has a cold or virus mostly likely - has had a chill since last night but has a temperature. No coughing or sniffles. I put an extra quilt on the bed, so I may be using one of the other bedrooms. I'm thinking he worked too hard in the cool fall air and burned too many little limbs and vines he has cleared out. Not likely he'll go to Starkville for the ballgame this Saturday.

Last night I worked at church in the kitchen helping serve food to to cast and other workers of the Final Destination revival presentation. I think I heard that 400 went through in groups of 35 maybe? When I left around 10:00 the kitchen was still "open" though Lynn was covering and storing food. We had planned to go tonight, but since the crowds have been so big, of course guests need to go through first, and Paul is sick, too.

I had my first ophthalmology appointment with a new doctor this morning in Corinth. He dilated my eyes; it was time for it; got some scans of optic nerves. Next time will do a field of vision test. Pressure in both eyes was 16, but he didn't do the second pressure check like Dr. Stank does and I didn't even think to ask him about it. I liked Dr. Wooten and his staff very much. It was cloudy when I left home, but sunny by the time I left his office, but I made it fine with my sunglasses and some old cataract sunglasses I had in the truck. Double shade.

The only stop I made was at Pet Sense for some Greenies for Oscar and big chew bones for Sally. They were out of his size in the bag and I got four of the individual ones; two medium sized bones and one large for Sal. (She made quick work of it, though - I should have gotten two of the large and a couple humongous - maybe dinosaur femurs!)

Oscar had a bad couple of days - first he got a haircut, which went fine - except he didn't want to keep his head still and the groomer miscut and therefore had to even things out. Well, he has no mustache. He has a pointy little face and big eyes. The very next day (yesterday) I discovered two small ticks near his eyes deep in that little pug his nose makes (second time this has happened) and I tried the hot match trick, but the one I could even see was apparently already dead. So I got the tweezers and tried to get it off him; got some, but could tell part of it was still in him. Just made it worse - how do you get something that tiny off a squirming dog? Called the vet and Paul took him at 4:00. An hour later, he came home with a limp dog; Oscar had had to be anesthetized. He wouldn't hold his head still  - again. But Dr. Nunley got the things out and I'm to keep Neosporin on the places, plus give him antibiotic for 10 days. He was pretty funny waking up, shaky, wobbly, kept licking and moving his head back and forth probably seeing double, made me dizzy watching him, and shaking like he was wet, head to toe, over and over.  Soooo..  The lesson here is - Oscar is a house dog. No more random running around in the yard. He was getting too big for his britches anyway and not coming when I called him, even with "bacon" bribes. We are still keeping him and Sal away from each other. I'm not sure if her ears pointed forward mean "I'm curious," or "I will eat you - you look small and rabbitty!" Oscar ignores her if they're far enough apart, but if they're near each other at the back door, they each try to eat through the glass from both sides. Not convenient to have to leash her each time he goes out, but for now... He's much more my baby again, too. It's as if being outdoors, he just lost his senses.

Since we've had a couple of slow rains, although short, the leaves are rapidly turning to beautiful colors and falling so fast I can hear them if I'm in the back yard. Aunt Ginny said she needed to put pine straw where her daylilies are planted to keep the grass down this spring. I would (we have plenty of pine straw) if I could remember where our daylilies are. I suppose I could look back at spring pictures and see... She is 90 years old. And I'm not. For shame.

I have mail to take to Mama Nick tomorrow, grocery shopping to do, make reservation at church for Singing Christmas Tree in December, finish cleaning the house. Paul has never been and it's been about 20 years since I have.  (Why did I think a week was plenty long, on Monday? 'cause I wanted everything clean at one time.) There is still much to do in the office room, but it looks so much better.  All cardboard boxes have been emptied, the last of the give-away books taken to the library, windows cleaned inside and out, storage shelves serving their purpose, bookcases filled to brimming, work table in the middle of the room - with nothing on it for a few minutes!

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