Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Trip to the dentist went.... okay... It was a lower tooth and just a little place below a crown this time. I was near to having a panic attack. Oxygen? Okay, maybe a little. No... the little mask made me feel claustrophobic. I didn't panic though.I remained calm and quiet, but that little duck was sure paddling under the water! Dr. G knew I wasn't comfortable. My jaw just didn't get completely numb and although the anesthetic was a type that would not cause problems with my glaucoma, I still think it was systemic. Had to have two shots, too. I think part of it is just gettin' old. I don't like being flat on my back, with needles and drills in my mouth. (The doctor and assistant were wonderful - couldn't ask for better or more caring. It was totally me.) BTW, did you know if you take one aspirin the numbness will clear up faster?) I told Dr. G I would probably take "something" if I had to have another filling, which I hope I do not ever. Maybe I'll even try the gas, which always made me think I would be completely loopy, but which evidently does work well for a lot of people. I'm sure it wouldn't take much for me to spin out like a balloon let loose. I will try to keep that little sliver of a filling intact!

Once that was over, Paul and I went to Lowe's and Walmart. Got all that done. Then we stopped at Shell for coffee (him) and my coupon redemption for a cuppa hot chocolate. It was sooo good.

At home we unloaded everything, ate lunch, loaded up my chair and roll of fabric, went to Aunt Ginny's and loaded hers. (I told Paul we are getting to the point we need someone to help us!) Errands around town: delivered the chairs. (Paul went to school at Northeast with the upholsterer's brother...) Stopped at the computer store and they are ordering a new battery for the laptop. (Don't keep it plugged in when not in use. Other side of that question is, how do you charge it up? Anyway, it can be over-charged. But that battery is over two years old.) Mailed a package to Sher (had to be weighed); bought stamps. Went by the library and returned Rin Tin Tin; Fredda said be at the library about 8:30 Saturday morning. Last year they had about 150 kids. Wear red and a Christmas Santa hat if I have one. I don't. So they provide them. HOHOHO!

When we got home, we both took naps. Why is it I sleep so much better in the afternoon than I do at night? Maybe it's because the radio is on All. Night. Long. But after 43 years, I am half-way used to it. It used to go off on a timer. The sattelite radio never goes off, unless sometime during the night or wee morning hours I tell Paul to turn it off! But the nap was good.

Then I talked to Sher as I usually do as she drives home from work. She had been to the gym and yoga also; I think both. Supper was pretty simple: broccoli, baked potato, chicken cordon bleu (Sam's). Paul and I both talked to Amy and she's pretty sure she has tendonitis in both - both! - elbows. Poor girl - it's from all that body lifting - other peoples' bodies - and caskets. She loves her work; it takes a strong woman to do it, and she is strong; I just hope it isn't a severe or long-term repetitive/strain injury. Paul told here we were coming to take her out for her birthday lunch Sunday.

I'm sure I'm missing all the Christmas cartoon shows on TV. Why do they show them so early? But I have "Christmas Story" and "It's a Wonderful Life" on DVD. I also taped "Miracle on 34th Street" on Thanksgiving day.

Saving those for another cup of hot chocolate...

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