Monday, September 26, 2011


Just haven't had time! Or motivation...? Plenty to write about, beautiful fall weather...

Driving Aunt Ginny to Memhis tomorrow for doctor appointments. Paul is going to a graveside service for the brother of one of our good friends from dating days. This morning Paul went to coffee shop and renewed some old friendships - came home beaming - remembrances and memories. Old times coming full circle.

Church is great; Bible study and group is great; book club - reading is going slow on my part. Lunches and a movie with friends. Charlotte and I saw "The Help" last week. Opening the bedroom window in the morning so Lucy can hear the birds, feel the breeze. I repainted Bully and finished him today. Paul is going to varnish him this time. He and Mike are going to Taledega races in October. Sher is coming October 15 and that's the wedding date for Benjamin and Heather (nephew and his wife), although they married September 16... Tyler is getting so big. Amy's roommate Kristie had her baby boy Aiden - so cute.

Trees below the house.

Time for bed. Have to be up early in the morning and to Memphis. Have to say that it seems like a really big trip after being here for two and a half months.

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