Sunday, September 11, 2011


ALL the girls at the "cousin" lunch last week... L to R: me, Sherry, Salinda, Patsy, Brenda, Charlotte, Edwina.

Paul cleaning out underbrush... with a little help from his friend.

Gift from Amy and Matt last weekend...

Must be a little bulldog in there somewhere... Just lots more hair.

Living room is beginning to look like one, not a store room... Orange chair - doesn't stay. Was Paul's grandmother's and was upholstered in the '70's. Must've been great fabric, still good, though a little musty. Amy had the chair's twin for a long time and we have it now, too. Lotsa chairs!

Lucy is such a lady, so poised. Makes extra work dusting, but oh, well.  They're a lot of company.

Old horse shed behind the house in the woods.

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