Monday, October 03, 2011


Joyce Meyer on TV this morning said in our gratitude to God we should be able to say, "I love my life."

I do.

I suppose circumstances have a lot to do with it at this time of my life; but so be it - these are the circumstances: peace, quiet, less stress (practically none), solitude, fellowship, kinship, friendship. I know any one of these things can change in a moment's notice, but at this nanosecond in eternity on this earth, I love my life.  I can see where all roads have led to this period of time in our lives and I'm grateful - even the not-so-good things that have happened - these make me take this quiet period of life less for granted, and the older I get the less I take for granted. 

I hear Paul puttering around in the yard on the tractor, moving logs that he and Mike (Mike cut them actually, with his chain saw) cut and pushed over Saturday. Oscar barks at the rare vehicle that comes up the drive. He "harrumphs" at unknown small creatures moving around in the leaves. Cats nap on window sills in the sun, or on the special coverlet I have on the bed (to catch some of the hair!).

I visited a friend yesterday at the hospital who has also broken her leg about where I broke mine two years ago. "You think you won't get better, but you will!" "How long did it take you?" she asked. I told her I was back at work in three months. She is in the hospital rehab. My rehab took place under Dr Paul and Dr Amy! It probably would have been easier on them, but my friend is a bit older, not much, and has other health issues that need to be monitored. Yes, it will get better. You just take a day at a time.

So there was that.

And moving.

And moving.

And moving.

I've about finished, but not quite. Always some big job. But it doesn't stress me out. If I don't finish today I can finish tomorrow.  The cleaning spray on the windows probably has dried, but it can be re-sprayed. Dust has returned and taken its place on the furniture, but I'll move it around again soon.

Yesterday afternoon I went to my nephew and new niece's wedding shower at their church. I had met Heather's mother previously but had no idea she was Heather's mom. Not long after, I met Heather and thought I had put two and two together. When we talked yesterday, she remembered seeing me before, too. Benjamin - with a wedding ring on - my goodness! She had registered at Target for a lot of red and black, so my gift was a zebra stripe shower curtain and matching hooks. Sher sent (via Target) a red Crock Pot. Someone had gotten them a set of red cookware. They actually married September 16 and the wedding is October 15. Sher will be here in time for it; Jordan is coming from Jackson, TN, I think. Missing will be Andy (I still call him Andy, though I didn't know until recently he goes by Steve, like his dad Steve. Too confusing! His name isn't even Andrew, but Stephen Anthony.) But we'll miss him, Erica and Kiley. And Mama. She would have loved knowing Benjamin had found his sweet little bride, and getting to know Steven (Morgan's Steven) and Tyler!

Too funny - sorry - but it appears that Jesus is blessing Heather's black towel! Or - reaching for it. (There are beautiful murals all around the fellowship hall. I didn't plan this picture, you know... :) )

Today I washed sheets and hung on the clothesline, Paul helped me put more plastic boxes in the attic, I dusted the den and living room, washed windows and tried some deeper cleaning on them (maybe Goof-off?), filled out the appliance warranties, paid some bills, put the new bedskirt on "Amy's" bed (the pink bedroom) - it's "red" old-fashioned ticking and looks perfect with her Potter Barn quilts she got when she was working at PB outlet (vintage pinks and reds).

The air conditioning men were here to repair the breaker on the new unit - actually to replace the old breakers, which just didn't hold up, so they installed new breakers outside. So we have regular heat now, with no emergency strips on and no gas heater on. But today was pleasant and I opened the den window for Lucy, who loves to sit on the sill, but who is now in my lap.

Tomorrow I have a dentist's appointment - a new dentist for the first time in 43 years. I sure will miss seeing Dr. Perkins, but I know Dr. Gann will be fine. She's in Corinth, in fact, probably in the same building that my new ophthalmologist is, near Magnolia Hospital. I need to stop at Belk's, Walmart Super Center and Lowe's; hopefully none will take long. Bible study is tomorrow night and I will need a nap for sure!

Eleven more days till Sher comes.

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