Friday, September 02, 2011


I had lunch today with three cousins and three friends who might as well be related; in some way, we all are relatives. Salinda (from Memphis) and her family are spending some time at her dad's house (now her and Richard's) in Paden, which is about 20 miles from here. They needed groceries so came to Iuka today and we met at Homestead for lunch. Around the table left to right: me, Sherry (my cousin Salinda's niece, her sister's daughter-in-law), Salinda, Patsy, Brenda, Charlotte (Brenda married Charlotte's first cousin Jim), Edwina.  Just made a party out of it! Great being together!

On the moving/working front this week: our new A/C-heating system was installed and has made a huge difference. Two new vents were added: one in the kitchen, one in the utility room. The back door was installed Tuesday, or was it Wednesday. The weeks and days are just flying by.

When they were working on the heat pump replacement, we used the two window units we have used before and which Amy had used. That's when this cold started. Some is allergies I know because of the dust I'm not able to reach yet! I dusted and vacuumed as far as I could reach today, and I've used Flonase and taken allergy medicine. I have one more thing to use and I really don't want to - the strong cough capsules. It's only when I lie down that I cough much.

Charlotte invited me and Paul to eat with her tonight, so we're going to her house to eat. Brenda said she and Jim would be there. Charlotte's dad Clay and Jim's dad Noel are brothers. Noel passed away several years ago. Mr. Clay is 88 - Bren said the longest living Whitfield male ever, she thought. I've seen Miss Earline at church when we went for Aunt Ginny's birthday a few weeks ago. We used to spend some time at their house when Bren, Charlotte, Martha and I ran around together.

Amy and Matt are coming tomorrow for the weekend. I'm putting a roast on tonight in the Crock Pot; plan to go to the grocery store in the morning for other things. It was just too hot this afternoon. We had a 5-minute downpour yesterday afternoon; just didn't last long enough nor cool things off much. We just haven't had much rain here, sort of like last summer. Leaves are already falling off trees. I looked at the allergy/pollen index for today and it was 10.3 out of 12.

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