Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Amy and Matt were here for Labor Day weekend. So good to have them here, though I had a cold/sinus, and still have a cough hanging on.

Saturday I had roast/potatoes/carrots and all Amy's other faves ready when they got here, and Aunt Ginny came to eat supper with us. Sunday I got up to get ready for Sunday School and church, but just felt too bad. I made late breakfast and went back to bed for most of the afternoon. Amy and Matt visited Mama Nick and Matt's brother and his family.  Monday I made spaghetti and Mike came to eat lunch with us. Marsha, Morgan and Tyler, Heather (Benjamin's fiance), and Heather's mom Cathy went to Tupelo to shop for a wedding dress for Heather. Morgan asked me if I made alterations and I said, oh, no - not to a wedding dress. I don't have a good place to sew yet anyway. It was nice to be asked, though.

Monday evening we all gathered at Paul's cousin Sammy's for an indoor cook-out since it was still raining. Jenni had to go back to school (MS State) so she wasn't there, but everyone else in the family was, I think. Well, except Mama Nick, who of course is not able. I think Matt really enjoyed the family and recognized many from Aunt Ginny's birthday pictures I'd shown him earlier. It is sooo good to be with family. This is what I've/we've missed for so many years. It's still such fun to hear family stories, make connections. In this small town, everyone is literally related in some way to everyone else, either by blood or marriage. In the days of yore, people didn't have the means to travel far and met their spouses at revivals, or at the local store, or some community event.

I did miss being in SS and church - I called our teacher and told her I wouldn't be there and why. Charlotte called and later in the week Nancy called to check on me.

Yesterday Paul and I went to Memphis for just a follow-up appointment with my gastro doctor, and get med refilled. (They have to see you once a year in order to write scrips.) That done, we ate at TGI Fridays and looked at Penneys for a comforter, which I didn't decide on. We went to Hobby Lobby for acrylic paints for Bully's makeover - he's so faded. This is perfect weather to repaint him and I may start tomorrow afternoon. (Tonight I put the comforter on Craigslist. Maybe I can sell it; I've given away a lot of stuff so it'd be nice to have one thing to sell!)

We are in "our" bedroom now and to Paul's delight - the satellite radio works in there without having to run the cord 50 feet or try to rig it up outside. He just sat it on the bedside table and pointed it south, and it works. Somewhat to my dismay, but I'm about used to it being on all night, believe it or not, after 40+ years. XM radio at least doesn't static and fade in and out like FM.

Planning on going to the Iuka Library book club meeting tomorrow. Bren said she'd meet me there 11:15. Really missed Bible study with Charlotte last night. Loving it here. When we were in Memphis, I told Paul there were sooo many cars! It's easy to piddle around here and I used to say Mississippi drivers just eased off the road when they went to turn; I can see how that happens. I've started doing it, too.aul has his garage corners staked. Mike said he'd help him cut and drag away the few trees in the way, mostly small pines, and pull up the stumps with his tractor. Paul would like to have the foundation poured before cold weather.

Speaking of which - it was 72 degrees today and just about perfect. The kind of temperature you can't even feel, you are just enveloped in it, floating in pleasantness.

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