Friday, July 01, 2011


This trip and two more, the third being the final...

We have all these appliances - my stove is quite old. In fact it is the only stove we've owned and it's very sentimental to me. It works just fine - all the eyes work, the oven works. Right now there is no fluorescent bulb in the back, but it works; and the outlet on the back of the stove doesn't work at all. Other than that it's a jewel. I didn't know they even made these any more - it's a 40" with two storage drawers - one on the side and one on the bottom.  So many birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cornbread muffins - mostly I baked in it, I suppose.  Paul's mother's is just like it - actually, it is his grandmother's - Mother Ruth's. Mama Nick preferred it over the one she had and so our really old ranges have been cooking away all these years. I don't recall that we bought ours based on the one she had - it just fit the space we had for it.

But... I found that these 40" ranges do exist - and with self-cleaning ovens! Great! They don't come cheap, but if my first stove lasted 37 years, think how old I'll be and unable to cook probably when - if - I get a new one! 100! One model even has a small side oven where mine has a storage drawer. I think that'd be icing on the cake! Anyway, they are very pretty "old-fashioned" looking and that's sort of what I was going for. Since we'll have a "country home" I want to keep it looking somewhat that way - not to say there won't be updates and improvements, but this stove... It just has the look of mine - plain and just functional - but is more modern... With digital oven controls...

The other immediate appliances I'm looking at are a new refrigerator and dishwasher. Mama Nick's fridge doesn't have an icemaker. I remember when we got our first fridge with icemaker - nothing could have made Paul happier! He could hardly wait!  Now I feel that way about one with ice/water in the door! And a pull out freezer in the bottom! We had to buy a new clothes washer before Christmas (for Iuka house), and the dryer there still works (the hole where you put in clothese is about the size of a medium pizza), and of course, there is the clothesline. But we'll have our own dryer to replace it when the time comes. We will have no carport left because of appliances sitting around, until we can get them installed. But we may have our old stove sold - parting is such sweet sorrow... The good thing is that I get to "make my playhouse," as Sher and I call it from childhood days.

Did anyone else, when you were kids, sweep away all the limbs and leaves and use sticks for room walls and make playhouses in the woods? We "recycled" tin cans for our dishes - the can itself, and those sharp-edged lids for plates and saucers... We never got "lockjaw"... I guess our immune systems were strong then.

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