Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Blessed, cooling rain. The thunder sounds to comforting, like a mother mumbling to her children, giving us a refreshing time, saying that she loves us and it will be okay. That background voice like you hear in the Charlie Brown cartoons.  Not exactly sure what she's saying, but the voice is there. Really, the voice of God.

Last night I went through the clothes that were hanging in the attic and got a boxful for Sher, many more pieces for Women on Mission (need to find out where to take them), and several summer tops and capris I have not had time to look for this year. I did make some progress. Paul said the attic has "a lot of stuff" in it. Yes...

I finally finished my last library book I had checked out: The Saturday Big Tent Wedding by Alexander McCall Smith, one of the No. 1 Detective Agency books. They are so soothing and quietly philosophical. Precious Romatswe is a wonderful character, as they all are. So this will be the last book read from our wonderful Cross County Library. One of the first things I want to do is get a library card at the Iuka Library. (I worked there summers and some during high school - the librarian then, Mrs. Anne Byrd, recently passed away at 96! She was a wonderful boss.)

Norma called yesterday on her way, with some others from the office, to Cindy Holland's sister-in-law's visitation and funeral. She was Cindy's husband John's sister. I had seen the obituary, but I didn't connect the families. I had not even dressed for the day (meaning still in pjs) when she called.

Supposed to be going down to the Woodruff office to get boxes (time for them to mail bills and always have nice boxes), so need to get up and get motivated. Think I'll stop and get some donuts...

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