Thursday, July 07, 2011


We (Paul) sold our old stove yesterday and I polished it within an inch of it's life. Who wouldn't want this pretty old stove? It's going to a new home and I wanted it to look pretty and it does. I made hamburgers on it last night for me and Paul, told him that was our last cooked meal on that stove, really in this house, I suppose...

Then I started packing everything else in the kitchen - pans, dishes, all the little things you think you might need in a two week interim before moving. You don't. You need only a few things. A plate, cup, fork, spoon.  One pan, one spatula. To live very simply, that is all you need. I'm reminded daily that we have a huge abundance of things we don't need, and most of it, truth be told, have no attachment to, or even want when it comes down to it.

After our hamburgers, we split a Sonic Oreo Blast. He found a plastic spoon in his truck; I got one of the measuring spoons off the ring it was on and that's what we ate with. The measuring spoons had escaped being packed as yet, only reason they were handy.

Tuesday I went to Women on Mission and it was so good to be with "sisters." I know there will be other "sisters" in Iuka, but these ladies I have known - most of them - ever since we've lived here, gone through teen years with our daughters with some, bought the BPW birthday calendar from one, taught GA's with one, just gotten to know them even better since I retired and have time to spend doing things like this.

Today is lunch with the TB's (Travelin' Buddies), Jean, Carol and Charlene. Tonight a small going away get together at some friend's home. Tomorrow - reception at City Hall. Next Tuesday afternoon a reception at the Tech Center.

How much I love Wynne and its people. Yes, bittersweet to move. But ready to move on to this adventure of our retirement years.  So glad Paul decided to retire. We may get on each other's nerves, but at least we'll have plenty of room to go off by ourselves for a while - he on his riding mower and potentially two acres to mow, hack and clear out underbrush; me to Bren's house, or "My Room," or a walk over to Aunt Ginny's!

Now to go and round up stray spoons...

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