Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Saturday when I got back to Wynne I went straight to bed for a nap, then to Forrest City for Donna's visitation. I'm so glad I came home. It seemed surreal, though. Still hasn't completely registered that she is not with us any more.  But - she is with Jesus and that is the comfort.  Carolyn was sick and not able to go to either visitation or the funeral (Sunday) and Norma had just pushed herself till she could hardly go, also taking medication for bronchitis and/or laryngitis. It is so good to have friends to hold onto in bad times, and hold we did, literally. The slideshow had many pictures of us girls together at Woodruff, along with Donna's family and other friends, times we would all go out to eat, Christmas parties, Goodie Days at work, "just because" I or one of us had a camera in hand.  One of Donna and me with identical tops on we wore the same day... Sunday  there was hardly sitting room in the chapel (Morgan's), but it was a beautiful service.  I just about lost it when the lady sang "Beaulah Land," which was sung at her husband Evertt's funeral. We went on to the cemetery at Palestine where Evertt, her first husband is buried.

Norma, me, Donna, Becky, at Donna's retirement party. The swing was one of her retirement gifts.

Christmas party at Mike's, 2008; Donna is third from right in red shirt

Christmas at Mazzio's, 2008 or '09; Donna just behind Santa's right, in red sweater.

When we get settled again, I'll have to look back at the really old pictures. She worked at Woodruff 35 years and retired in 2007, so we were together quite a long time, as most of us have been fortunate enough to have been.

Paul and I are going to Iuka this weekend, and Oscar, but not the cats. They'll be fine for two days. I don't want to hear Tommy's crying!

The thermostat (Iuka) was installed and it made a huge improvement! John C added a little freon and taped up a hole in the old unit casing. We know it'll have to be replaced soon; that's on our growing to-do list. The house there is looking more liveable than this one, although it isn't too bad, just getting that vacated look.

We've had so many well wishes and we're greatful for so many wonderful friends here. You don't live in a city for 42 years and not be sad to leave the people. Wynne is wonderful; Arkansas is wonderful. We've lived here 2/3 of our lives! I visited with Shelby yesterday, my Sunday School teacher, and told her that God "put the solitary (us) in families" - all our church family, our many friends from school, Woodruff, city and state friends and acquaintenances. It has been a blessing and a privilege for us to be here and for Wynne to put their trust and faith in Paul to govern the city for twelve-plus years. I'm amazed to look back and see God's hand so graciously providing and blessing us. And it has been grace - unmerited favor. Who would have thought two little Mississippians from that quiet little town would be so fortunate?  Okay, I can't do this. I can't and won't say "goodbye!" Just - until next time.

I will continue the blog; and thank you all so much for taking time out of your lives to check on ours...  We love you.


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend, Pat.

Venessa Roetter said...

Thank you so much for Momma's kinds words.