Thursday, June 02, 2011


The packing has gone well this week. I mentally check off the rooms...there are odds and ends scattered around the house. Keep? Not keep? A little silk magnolia blossom I gave Mama years ago... Had it in the give-away box, took it out. Made a picture of it. Put it back on the bookshelf. I'm too sentimental. Is there such a thing as too? Probably. Anyway, I have too much stuff. I'm sure once at Two Acres (temporary name since I'm not really saying "home" yet), I'll see where and how everything fits. There will probably be much more thant goes to Goodwill - there's a nice one in Corinth.

Paul is going to enclose half the double carport to keep his garage contents temporarily, until he can get a garage/workshop built. That's his big project, while mine is a new refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and sofa for the living room. The refrigerator and stove are not just essential right now, but I remember when we got a fridge with an icemaker! What a happy day! Mama Nick's fridge doesn't have one, not even a place for one, but ice trays... So three nice appliances and a new sofa... that would tide me over for a while. 

I'm glad sister Sher will be there for a week - she's good at spatial projects, color... Our main concern will be "my" room (office/studio) - stripping wallpaper and possibly painting, if we get that far. It has to be cleaned out first and I hope the "boys" will be able to help this weekend, getting furniture and other items they may want. It's the nature of this whole endeavor - moving Mama Nick's things, going through them.

We have carefully considered everything we've packed and more importantly discarded. The old plastic containers went out right away. Aprons, purses, table linens - packed. China and flatware - washed. She has given her blessings and has told us more than once how glad she is that we'll be there, that we wanted to buy the house. In her situation, I would want someone to take care of all that for me, know it was being handled well and with respect, and that's what we've tried to do. She is not well, but she is aware, and as long as possible, I want her to know we're doing the best we can and taking care of her lifetime of belongings. Near the end of any lifetime (actually very likely) it doesn't matter. For the days I've packed and packed, there have been times I've actually felt ill and like I wanted to throw it all out - it is just things, after all. But the memories attached to them, people, places, times. Those are priceless. We should just thank God we have had those people, places and time.

Today's work will include getting my little truck packed with things I'm taking this weekend. Paul will have room in his truck also.  Then there are two cats and Oscar.  The cats will get travel anxiety drops - Dr. Smith said give five drops each about 30 minutes before we leave. Plus their nice big potty, which will be packed easily enough and it's big enough to hold something else, not a cat - there are two carriers for them. I got some pan liners and can just lift out the litter tomorrow before we go, wash out and load up. (You know, if it had wheels we could pull it - I've said it does look like a small camper trailer.)

Amy's job is going great; her apartment situation and roommate are working out well. She's staying busy and has had after-hours work at the other funeral home she works for. (This was not a problem with her full-time employer; they discussed it.) There was an air conditioning problem yesterday, she said, but maintenance responded right away, so hopefully they didn't have to sleep in the heat.

I'm going to the courthouse today to apply for absentee ballot. I suppose this mayoral election will be the last one I will vote in.  I will just be getting back to Wynne and don't want to risk missing an opportunity to vote. I haven't moved my residency yet!! Just my stuff!

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