Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Before, during and immediately after Christmas I just plumb wore myself out. And it caught up with me. But what do you do? Just quit?

So now it's the Mystery of the 1)strained neck, 2) dizziness, 3) earache, 4) physical therapy...

All of which must be dealt with in the correct order. There can't be any PT until we find the cause of the dizziness, which may be vertigo, or it may be carotids giving me some grief. So, just waiting for the call for the test appointment - which test may or may not be covered by insurance - certain instances...

Things to be thankful for: 1) time that I do not have to ask off work; 2) heating pad; 3) time to rest; 4) not having to push myself.

Frustrations (besides the aforementioned): 1) feeling isolated somewhat; 2) a bit leary of long trips where I have to turn my head back and forth to watch traffic, hill/valley motion, peripheral motion; 3) pain; 4) stopped up ear; 4) "cricky" neck. (TMJ?)

Enjoyable things lately: 1) Books; 2) Masterpiece Theater; 3) white beans and ham; 4) s'mores; 5) word games with friends on iPhone; 6) having Amy here and helping; 7) a sweet husband who bears all things, love in person... 

On a sad note...  This is Paul's Ant Elbie who passed away Monday; she was 87. She was the life of any gathering, as seen in family photos on the funeral home page, and just in knowing her.  I had not seen her in years, but she was a sweetheart.  Paul and Amy are going to the funeral tomorrow; I'm not because of my ear/neck/whatever...  One of the pastors who will preach her funeral is one I knew from high school days when he was a "preacher boy" at the little bitty church we attended at Oldham community.  I often think how he surely must love Post-It notes because he had a handful of paper clips marking passages at any time in his Bible. He preached my grandma Goobie's funeral, since we were from that era, that area, and it meant a lot to me.

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