Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I worked on Christmas pictures today, putting them on Kodak, sharing and ordering prints. I'm all about paper prints - digital is like fairy dust - gone in a whiff sometimes!

Paul went to his Aunt Elbie's funeral in Corinth; Amy had a job at the funeral home in Memphis and I made two loaves of bread: one for us, one for the library staff.  Of course, Angie had to beg for it! Poor dear! (smile)

My neck/ear/miscellaneous felt much better today. I have a pharmaceutical routine including about half a dozen puffs of Flonase on that side of my sinuses. I know I can't and won't continue to do that for very long, but it sure makes that ear stop popping when I swallow.

Bren and I emailed back and forth, I listened to some oldies on XM radio, and Oscar has wanted in my lap for some reason.

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