Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yes, it has been. It seems like forever; it seems like yesterday. Sometimes I think she should just walk in the back door like always.

She sent cards all the time and taught Tara well, for today I received a card from Tara, remembering her mom, thinking of us. Thanking us for being her friends. Oh, goodness, that wasn't hard - being Teri's friend! She would do anything for any of her friends at the drop of a hat - a Red Hat at that! She was so loving, fun, faithful, true. Not only did she teach Tara about handwritten cards, but how to be a good mommy, wife, friend; how to be a "sweetheart" - one of her favorite words. (I find myself using it a lot, too. Teri left so much of herself with me, with us.)

She would be so proud of her children and grandchildren. Her sweet Emmy, Solomon and Rose... what beautiful grandbabies! How hard her kids have worked and how involved they are in their communities. How much they care about their own children, just having a ball with them, loving them - living life - that's what Teri did. She always said she was gonna have fun! Well, it got passed on!

So thanks, Tara, for your sweet mom's caring ways coming back around to me.


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