Monday, January 31, 2011


Already one month gone in the new year...

I went by the library today and picked up 125 paper cups for the Chocolate Feast candy fundraiser event for Valentine's Day. I didn't make candy last year or year before; this year I decided I would. Now to find a recipe for 125 pieces of something simple, quick, and chocolate. If it's chocolate, that's all that matters!

I hear geese flying over sometimes and am more often than not too late to see them by the time I make sure the cat is out of the way and doesn't escape and I grab my camera, but I did capture them this time - in a picture.

My new tag. I could have had 995 or 999, so I got the last of the 900's, and the letters are PJD. Kim said that stands for Praise Jesus Daily! I should be able to remember that! (999 is 666 turned upside down, which is, in fact, what Jesus did to the enemy.)

Amy and I are working on this 750 piece puzzle. This is one I plan to Mod Podge and keep. I like the redbird, the birdhouse, quilt theme - all of it.

Now I'm going to watch the conclusion of Masterpiece Classic "Downton Abbey," which I have taped each of 4 weeks. Then start supper.

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