Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I spoke way too soon about air conditioning, although we actually had ours on late Saturday afternoon! And now this! It's just 3-dog cold as my old boss used to say!

Yesterday I made it to exercise class - there were twelve of us "mature" ladies there and I was a little embarrassed that some of the more mature ladies could outdo me with their arm lifts using 2 and 3# weights! Slowly but surely. It was just my first time. But I feel places this morning that I'll have to take care of - like my right shoulder... The neck issue seems to have resolved itself, but now all is clear to go to PT again and maybe I can just get a sheet of stretching exercises or something. I don't want to mess anything up again.

Then I went to Bible study. I told a friend I must be committed to get out in the awful rain we had yesterday. But there are two ways to look at that... someone must commit me for being so crazy to get out in it!

I made up for all the duck-puddling by making myself a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch. Got in my recliner and put the heating pad on my back where I could feel the stretches beginning to sproing back in place and finished the book I was reading: Corduroy Mansions - Alexander McCall-Smith. (I'd gone to the library Monday to return some books and got another of his - The Careful Use of Compliments - and they do get shelved by McC and by S.)

This morning there is a small frozen pond in the back yard where the plumbing work was done and there has been sinkage. I didn't try it to see if it was frozen all the way through. Yesterday, Oscar wouldn't go in the back yard, but did go in the side yard. I'm always leary of him going to the front without a leash because he probably doesn't know his boundaries there, except my calling him back, which he does really well so far. If a dog came along, I don't know...

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