Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's becoming a white world once again.  I went to Forrest City this morning for Carolyn's birthday lunch and it began just after I got there. By the time I got back home around 1:00, yards and trees were practically covered and now our whole back yard is white.  It's beautiful. I stopped and got the ever-essential milk and some Little Debbie Smores (habit-forming), so I'm set.  Paul's truck was at City Hall; I know he had some meetings unless they've been cancelled by now. But the roads are okay.  Amy had a call to go to Memphis so I hope she doesn't have any trouble getting home. She should be home before it starts freezing on the overpasses.

While I was at the office, Wesley gave me this neat website that our church music minister has: Wynne Music. David is very organized, enthusiastic, worshipful, and people-oriented.  The first time I met him I felt as if I'd known him always.

There is some laundry to fold. I think I can just manage that before I go snuggle under a quilt with a book.

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