Monday, January 03, 2011


I hope to get back into the routine of writing - it's always been one of my best therapies and hobbies.

We spent Christmas in Iuka where we visited with family and friends. We're home and it's good to be here, settled after a fall of traveling, moving and rearranging.

Amy is with us indefinitely because of the economy and we've "enlarged our tent" as the Bible says in Isaiah 54:2: Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. Yes, our tent has been enlarged, small as it is, and I do especially pray for my stakes to be strengthened! (smile)

Her two cats - Lucy and Tommy - came with her and they have not totally adjusted as we all are tweaking living arrangements somewhat. But she had to surrender her two dogs - Moe and Pauly, which was heart-breaking.

We bought Paul's mother's home in Iuka with life estate for her. She is in assisted living, but had managed to live alone until almost 92 years of age. She's doing well, with bad days and good, and it was an emotional time when we spent Christmas day at her house. We've made a few little changes to the home, most of which were structural or maintenance, very few cosmetic at this point. It's "home" now in another sense - it has always felt so good to be there in the quiet of the rural area, and hopefully it has assisted Mama Nick in being able to have good years at the living center. We also wanted to keep the house in the family as the property that is with the house, as well as most of the surrounding several acres were in her grandmother's family for many years.

We have also been reunited with some family members we have not seen for many years and it is such a joy to be with them! Having lived away from family so long, it is now so great to be able to be there without so much of the time restrictions of seeing everyone for just a little while. Now we can be "home" and come and go, as well as have family with us. Of course, Wynne is home; now we just have a "country home" to visit when time allows.

Many changes this past year. God will find a way to take you out of your comfort zone. A mission field can be in the next state, or in your living room!

Melanie and her son Nate, brothers Mike, Steve, me and Oscar, Paul, Sher and Bailey.

The TBs (Travelin' Buddies): Carol, Charlene, me, Jean. My dear friends.

Niece Whitney with one of the goats at the goat/sheep farm where they got their nanny goat. Nanny (now called Tina) had twin kids on Christmas day. Their names are (probably) Noel and Belle.

Grandma Sher and Nate playing at Coleman Park.

Mama Nick (left) and her sister Aunt Ginny, with Mama Nick's beautiful granddaughters - Jess, Jenni, Amy, Whitney, Marianna.