Friday, January 07, 2011


During all the other exciting events at during the Christmas season, our nearly 60 year old sewer pipes decided to literally disappear. Paul called the plumber and he said he could patch things up for the time-being, but eventually the whole line would have to be replaced. Eventual became immediate. A backhoe operator was called and he dug trences five feet deep on two sides of our small patio - there there were no old lines to be found. After about an hour of this folderol, there were no old pipes (greenburg I think they called it) to be found. (Later our neighbor said he believed our two houses' pipes were joined at an angle at an impossible distance from the house, but at the time was probably the most economical way to join up to the brand new sewer line.) So when we decided we'd paid enough for digging, we told Randy to cease and desist and just go ahead and put in the new line. It had to be done anyway. What better Christmas present than some PVC pipe? At least everything goes out like it's supposed to now. Our house was probably one of the last, if not the last, to have to have this replacement done. I did notice our neighbors down the street were having their front yard dug up, but I think that was the water line... My Virginia Sweet Spire and Wygelia bit the dust. I doubt their horrible roots could penetrate the PVC, but we'd had enough.

In better news this week, Paul sold his mother's car to my brother. Paul made a trip to Iuka yesterday to have the title signed by her and took care of some other business while he was there.

I made a trip to Memphis this morning and learned (at Semmes-Murphey) that my neck is inflamed. I knew that. But thank goodness, no x-rays even at this point - some physical therapy. The doctor did reflex tests and I passed all but one where I didn't see all the fingers he held up because of the "glaucoma" spot in my left eye. Since I had a bunch of migraines back in September I seem much more susceptible to light and motion and he said, "Yes." My diagnosis was correct.

I drove back I40 and stopped at Woodruff to visit a while and talked to Norma, Carolyn, Wesley, and returned my plaque to have it corrected. Somehow my first 8 years of service was overlooked and it said "32" instead of "40." No problem. They'll have it fixed. Good to see everyone. I noticed the walls had been painted, a darker tan color. Looked nice. Wesley was nursing a broken heart over the Sugar Bowl loss but said he'd be okay. "Lost Mallett." Razorback's Ryan Mallett is going for the NFL draft.

It's supposed to snow Sunday, so tomorrow for sure I need to go to the grocery store. But first, there's the refrigerator to be cleaned... Is it always something "first?"

Cooking in Mama Nick's kitchen. Without her there. A little strange...

Scene from the front window... RFD MS

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