Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've been recording this TV show on Hallmark channel that originally ran from 1987 to 1992 I believe. I remember watching it then, but none of these recent viewings seemed familiar to me. Evidently Hallmark is running them in sequence - I saw the finale this afternoon, where Dorothy got married - to Leslie Nielson (of the Airport movies). (And "Blanche's" uncle!)

What I liked most about watching these is looking at their clothes! They all had fabulous wardrobes and no clothes swapping, especially between Rose and Blanche who were about the same size. Even more astonishing is the fact that they apparently never wore the same thing twice in any subsequent episode. They must have had closets as big as barns, not to mention bank accounts like Fort Knox, although they lived together for economy's sake. I did remember Dorothy's style - long, full and flowing - she was a very handsome woman and wore clothes that suited her tall stature. And the shoulder pads! But didn't we all wear them in the late eighties and early nineties! Wouldn't leave home without them! Estelle Getty as Sophia had sharp, witty lines, though I've read that she suffered with Lewy Body Disease which is very similar to Alzheimer's.

Their hairstyles changed somewhat through the years, though Rose's least of all; or Sophia's - but she wore a wig for the part. Actually, she was a very pretty woman.

There was some cooking, mostly by Sophia; I don't recall seeing anyone do any housework, though the house was immaculate. They all had time to sit at their kitchen table or in the living room with a cup of coffee or tea, read a book, work crossword puzzles or list of some kind, and used yellow pencils, or on the lanai. I know there were probably lots of continuity gaffs, but one I did catch was Sophia holding a pen in one scene and immediately after from another angle she had a pencil.

When I watched the programs originally, the girls all seemed old to me! Imagine that! Now they are my age and a bit younger, except for the character Estelle played, and she was actually around the real ages of the other three.

They are all gone except Betty White, 88 years old, and she has had a career resurgence of late - movies, commercials and SNL.

Now I need to go put a roast in the Crock Pot... I don't have a TV-show life where things get cooked by prop people.
I was going to post a picture of us - Travelin' Buddies, Best Buds, Bren - but there are too many - I have been blessed to have so many Golden Friends.

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