Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This morning in Bible study, we talked about how God creates something new every day. His mercies are new every day, every sunrise, sunset, every new flower, new baby, every ocean tide - are all evidence of His glory and His desire to give us good things.

I made a comment about seeing His creation through the lens of my camera - focusing in on the tiny - and trying to capture the landscapes - imagine - only God can see the total horizon - the earth - at any one time! This is a very thought-provoking and worship-inspiring video that accompanies the book we're reading - Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

I haven't made photos in a while; I had become indifferent, what with the dry, brown earth, trees and hot weather. But the leaves are falling, and there are some tenacious flowers still holding on to their little capes and hats of color. Even in the drought, God planned a way for plants to survive - they shed all the superfluous in order to protect the core of their beings. Do we?
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A few days ago, I said I would love to hear my Mama say, "I love you, too, Pat." Well. When I was talking to Aunt Margaret on the phone Sunday, as we got ready to say goodbye, she said to me, "I love you, too, Pat." Mama's sister. Similar voice patterns. My name. Thank You, God.
God is very creative!

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