Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Women on Mission is a group of ladies in our church who meet once a month for a missions program, potluck lunch and fellowship. This was my second meeting to attend and I love it! I've known most everyone for years and years, and it's so great to be able to go during the day.

The program today was given by Victoria Harris about the trip she and a small group made to Las Vegas to assist Michael and Janelle Ellis in the work they're doing at Northstar Baptist Church there. We take so much for granted here, the heat notwithstanding! Every week they transport equipment to rented space in an elementary school and set up, then take it down... They're very dedicated to God's work and reaching people for Him there.

Afterward, I went to the vet's office to get Oscar's arthritis med for the next few weeks, and to Walmart for a few things. Soon after I got home I heard actual thunder! So far we didn't get much rain out of all the noise; the patio got damp, not completely wet even.
This evening a young lady called the house to speak to Paul, who wasn't here at the time. He'd left the office, so I gave her his cell number. She wanted him to perform a marriage ceremony for her and her boyfriend. So... they got in touch with Paul and a little after five o'clock, came to the house for their wedding! As far as I know, this is the first wedding ever held in our home! Tracy and Jake... She used to live down the street on the other side of the Lees.
Paul's cousin Nan who lives in Pennsylvania is sending me information on the Nichols family. Her mother and Paul's dad were brother and sister. She said she is getting ready to leave on a three-month hiking trip through the northwest and lower Canada and "tenting" it. I wished her a great trip! And I'm glad it's her and not me! They "leave the light" on for people like me; I'd be looking for Motel 6 or Holiday Inn or Best Western. But I'm sure it'll be an interesting trip.
So tomorrow begins the clear liquid diet. I've tried not to think about it. There's no limit to the liquid, but you know it's not the same as fried squash, tomatoes and cornbread...

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