Sunday, July 04, 2010


A year ago tonight I was in the ER at Methodist in Memphis, confirming I had indeed broken my leg. So far, nothing is broken today...

Amy was home overnight and got a call for funeral home work just as we were about to eat dinner today. As soon as we finished, I packed her food (like Mama Nick used to do for us when we'd leave her house), and she and Lucy went home. Her job took about an hour, then she went to a movie...

Paul and I watched A Capitol Fourth on TV. I'm so thankful to live in the United States! It makes me sad, though, to hear the words, "from sea to shining sea," when there is a giant oil spill in the Gulf.

Friday, Jean and I went to Jonesboro for a trip to Hancock's, Dillard's, ate lunch at Arby's, and a quick stop at Home Depot. I went for some more fabric, and the self-healing cutting boards were on sale, so I got an 18"x24." Jean returned some items to Dillard's; we split a chicken salad sandwich at Arby's. The weather was perfect that day - cooler, in fact, and no humidity.

Our Sunday School lesson this morning was about the prophet Elijah and how he fled to the desert. A quote from the lesson, by Vance Havner, "If we do not come apart and rest awhile, we will simply come apart." It was a good lesson, and I could see so much of the six months from this time last year till January, when I retired, that certainly applied to me. I don't pretend to second-guess God, but I can look back and be thankful that I did have time to come apart and rest, even with a broken leg (not happy it happened, but since it did...), and the last three months I had at work were very peaceful. I'm thankful for every day I get to enjoy my retirement. As the days and weeks to by, I am amazed at this wonderful gift of time...

I'm thankful for the freedom we have in this country, for the freedom we have in Christ through His sacrifice; thankful for all our servicemen and women who guard our liberty; thankful for family and friends.

Veggies from the Farmers' Market.
Oscar Loves Lucy.

Amy wanted this Mack cap from her dad.

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