Friday, July 09, 2010


If anyone dreads the dreaded colonoscopy and EGD (word is so long I can't spell it - but the esophogus/stomach scope), let him dread no more. They aren't wonderful, comfortable or something I'd want done every year, but things have improved... At least by the instructions the doctor I went to gave me. The other scopes I've had done, I've been completely out, but not this time. I kept thinking, okay, things will get black in a second... Never did. Totally relaxed, though. A good thing. From the time I was rolled in to the time they wheeled me out, maybe 20 minutes. Of course, I was so relaxed, it could have been 10 or 45... All was well, too; I just will have to add one pill to my cache to take every day, which is great considering some alternatives that could have been. And I thank God that weren't! So adding a pill is no big deal.

Paul and I went to eat (yea!) at Jason's Deli, picked Oscar up at Amy's, and came home. I napped. By the time we got home, I had a terrible "druggy" headache, from the sedation wearing off, and a little wooziness, so I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours. Felt much better after the nap.

When we got home, there was a USPS box waiting for me - from Nan! This is Paul's cousin with whom I've been emailing about genealogy and she sent me a book and other information about the Nichols family. I haven't opened it yet - I'd rather have a whole block of time to devote just to looking at it. She and her family will be gone and out of touch for the summer until October, so I have time to go through and make copies. (This is the camper/hiker who will be "tenting" on the three-month long trip! Looking forward to hearing about that!)

I think I'll try a McD breakfast biscuit this morning. After two days practically of not eating, except for the half of a chicken salad sandwich and a little cup of soft serve ice cream, that's probably just what I need on an empty stomach... That and hot coffee.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I've always been totally out when I've had colonoscopy (twice). I'm amazed that you felt no pain. Glad it went well.