Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This week has settled into a routine that includes naps, so far, every day.

Yesterday, I took a "sick" day - just had a bad headache and upset stomach, which was pretty ironic, considering the prep last week didn't make me feel that bad. So I napped in the afternoon and finally got rid of my ailments.

I had a dentist's appointment this morning, and stopped at the WECC office to make my rounds and see everyone first. Becky is literally counting the days until she is an official retiree. Wesley is on vacation; Carolyn and Norma were there. Had a good check-up at the dentist's office. I'd thought I would change instead of driving to Forrest City every six months, but it's just hard! Dr. P. has brought me through crowns, fillings and TMJ surgery/braces and I was one terrified little girl when I first started going to him. Anyway, he said he's slowing down a bit...

I went to Dollar Tree and found lots of things for only One Dollar! (Yes, Jean! Imagine!) They have good men's socks and Paul told me to get him some if they had them this time. They did and I loaded up with seven pairs. I forgot to go to Walmart to check on a printer. I don't need one right this minute, but ink cartridges are extinct here and are expensive. So I'm looking. Or tried to.

Everyone had plans for lunch (the girls) so I came on home instead of stopping somewhere to eat. I started to get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen, but thought I'd just get a Blast at Sonic if I wanted one bad enough. (Sher made one last four days, so not bad...)

After my nap this afternoon, I worked in the garage, bagging up clothes for the WOM sale this fall. That prompted me to clean out some dresser drawers which badly needed it. I have some to go and will do that tomorrow.

At least I got a couple of things marked off my list today.
I was "cleaning out" some old files (you can't believe all the stuff I haven't seen in years and now am having time to go through!), and found this picture of Teri, me and Sher at San Antonio's River Walk, seven years ago this month... We went for Sher's 50th birthday. I'd made a music/picture CD for her and cried every time I played it. I couldn't just mail it to her! So Teri provided the solution: "We'll take it to her." We. And we did. What a wonderful trip. Teri also got to see a schoolmate she had not seen in years. Her first name was Sidney.

And thank the good Lord, we've had about six inches of rain in the last couple of nights!


Kaye Butler said...

Have I mentioned that I love the header. I love old french-style.

Smiled when I saw Terri

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

We got a little shower on Monday--nothing to write home about though. I love the picture. You girls look beautiful.

Tara Jackson Burton said...

Sidney. Xoxox. Thanks for the Momma Memory. Love you.