Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our church has been hosting Kidz Camps (like Backyard Bible Clubs) in the evenings this week. I missed Tuesday because I'd spent the night with Amy. Our site is the big lot with the huge shade tree across from the football field; Paul's site is the park across from where we used to live on Cottonwood. We've had about 18-24; he said they'd had about 30. There are 13 sites throughout the city and they've really been lots of fun, even thought it's been so hot. I don't think the kids even notice, nor some of the adults - they play kick ball before we get started! I really haven't done a lot - but it's been a great experience and the kids love it. When the Bible story is being told, they are very attentive. There have been several young dads helping, too. Our women's class was paired with a young men's class (teens) and we've had plenty of workers. The organizers did a great job. I'm just glad I could hold a card last night with one of the Bible verse words on it. "Look, the lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world." John 1:29


The 10-day forecast does show a bit cooler next week, and I'm so glad, 'cause I'm planning another trip to Iuka! Bren runs into everybody at Walmart there, and she and another cousin of mine talked this week - Lynda - I think second cousin. Also Mitzi, a cousin who is also Bren's sister-in-law, will be there next weekend. Edwina's thrilled I'm coming and we're hoping we can have lunch together one of the days I'm there. Who knew this would be the Cousin Summer! It's great!


My Explorer battery went dead last night - I was going to leave the Kidz Camp and head home, and it wouldn't turn over. Two of the guys there jumped it off. Paul had it seen about this morning and - yep - new battery. His truck had been making a weird noise so it was next on Joe's list - both brakes on the back! OK, so this is more than "threes." This is the fourth major repair we've had in the last three weeks or so.


Norma called late morning and said they were going to Mike's to eat lunch, so I met her, Carolyn and Wesley there. Becky was off today. Becky has only about three more weeks to go! It was great seeing the "gang" and catching up - new babies in the Co-op family. Two new arrivals and another on the way. Learned that another of our retirees is in the nursing home! His diabetes had gotten out of control, had to be hospitalized and now is having to learn to walk again! Another had been off three months with an injured arm (I forgot to ask how). Vera had surgery several weeks back, too, and is still off recuperating. One of the guy's mom passed away; Beck had emailed me about that.

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