Monday, July 26, 2010


Last week Tara emailed and said Richard and Linda would be in Wynne so we arranged to meet at Neall and Becca's. All the families were there and the little honoree was Rose, who is One Year Old! (She has that beautiful curly, spun gold hair like Emmy does.) They served a delicious meal, we got to visit with everyone; Mr. Stutts told Paul military stories (some very harrowing close shaves); Paul and Stephen talked about the city and politics; Debbie and Laura (and I) ran around with our cameras. Rose had so much fun with her creamy "rose" birthday cake. Emmy, Sol and Rose had as much fun with a big box as they did with the cute little playhouse Richard and Linda brought for the birthday girl! Such sweet, precious children! Thanks for sharing the joy of the day!

I took chocolate chip cookies, which I will proceed to go now and make some more to take to the A-Team (Austin, Andrew and Alex - and Jimmy!) this week!

Please remember the West and Wilkins's families in your prayers.

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