Friday, July 02, 2010


Today is Paul's dad's 100th birthday anniversary. It's hard to believe he's been gone for twenty-three years. He loved his overalls. At one time Amy had a pair of them, probably still does. He was a gentleman and a gentle man, who loved his family. In later years he talked on the phone to many of his buddies almost every day, just checking on them, as they did him, as well. He loved his Ashley heater, too, that was in the den and which he kept stoked and roaring in the winter time.

This picture was made at Mama Nick's sister's home just across the way (Aunt Ginny and Uncle Wendell's). They had made ice cream and we were all sitting around on the patio enjoying the "cream" and each other.

This is probably my favorite of him - with Amy, the first grandchild, and with Sally, the horse. Amy (nearly 2 1/2) loved her DaNick. This was made at "the Kimberly Place," on Highway 72 West, where they lived at the time.

Daddy Nick died in 1987, and at the time that seemed to be an old age. But it really isn't, now, relatively. I wish we could have had him with us much longer.
David, Paul's brother, called him last night and during the conversation asked Paul if he knew what tomorrow was. And he did. Wonderful that the brothers remembered this very special day.

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