Thursday, July 15, 2010


Paul practically rolls his eyes when I tell him something I've read or posted on FB. Tonight I asked him if he knew so-and-so and he said no. "How did you find her?"

"She's Brenda's friend."

"How do you see Brenda's?"

"Bren's a friend, and I can see all her friends."


"Log on."

"Too complicated."

"No more than logging onto email."

He thinks it's a big waste of time.

It can be. But it's a great way to keep up with folks. I've had a good time this week reading comments posted by classmates of Amy who have posted childhood/church trip/elementary school pictures, making fun of their '80's hairdos, and telling little vignettes of youth trips past. I posted one of a group of Brownies that had, of course, Amy in it. But it wasn't her! She wasn't even in the picture! I have no idea why I had the picture unless it was just her group of friends. But it sure looked like her.

Paul's brother emailed us a couple of days ago that one of Paul's classmates had died around July 1. I looked up his obituary and also his FB page - he was my Friend, too. It must have been sudden. His daughter had posted on his page. We were so sorry to hear about his passing. It's bittersweet to think all the little comments and "visits" with all his friends and family will forever be there. But from reading the comments, Jim will forever be with his Heavenly Father. Jim's brother David was in my class in high school.

Amy told me you can play Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on FB. I can't. I would waste the rest of my life... lol

Besides FB, I did have a productive day. I got the bathroom thoroughly cleaned, the floors vacuumed and mopped, the bedrooms at least Swiffered this time. I also got a hair trim, and stopped by the library to pick up a book Angie called to tell me had come in, that I'd requested. I could not recall ever hearing the name of the book or the author, but I went and got it anyway. It looks interesting.

I really thought about going to help put door hangers on houses for the Mission Wynne next week, and mentioned it to Paul. It's been so humid I can only stay outside about two minutes at a time. He said I didn't need to go do all that walking. He's right. Visions of San Antonio always swim before me when I think of how hot I got that day five years ago... But I did pray.

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