Monday, June 07, 2010


For the first time ever I was able to attend a weekday meeting at church. This was the regular meeting of Women on Mission, our ladies' mission group at Wynne Baptist. There were at least a dozen present. I was welcomed and made to feel right at home, and of course, there was the wonderful potluck lunch. WOM does mission projects in the community and state and I look forward to being involved. They donate gifts of time, money, and food to local needs such as the Workshop, the WBC mission house, ASU Baptist Collegiate Ministry, the Tri-County Youth Camp here in Wynne, Good Shepherd, as well as others. There is a lot of talent and wisdom in the group of ladies with kind and loving hearts. Miss Ermaline gave me tips on making a T-shirt quilt, which I've wanted to do for Amy for some time. I'd like to see one she's made to get more of an idea. I took some banana bread and macaroni/cheese and brought most of the bread back with me - there was so much good food and so many non fattening desserts!

One of the prayer concerns was for the family of Mrs. Lil Wilson, who was tragically and senselessly killed on Sunday. Evidently she surprised an intruder in her small church where she had stopped on an errand and he killed her. So hard to write that. She was active in the hospital auxiliary and the veterans' organization. Some years ago, knowing Paul was a MS State and U of A alumni, she made him a small flag with those universities' school colors on either side. He proudly displayed in on his truck antenna until it became so faded you could hardly make out the colors.

After I got home, I napped. After I napped, I went to the courthouse to early vote. We had a quiet evening at home, other than trying to walk O in the neighborhood again. A big lopey dog, so friendly I'm sure, but then there's Oscar's territorial instincts... I had taken Mama's cane just in case and I shook it at the large dog, and we both turned around and went back to our respective houses. So that walk fell through and O and I went over to the school for a quick walk-around.

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