Sunday, June 06, 2010


Yesterday I only had the intention of taping off the kitchen to paint the paneling, since it was my big idea. No hurry. Then I told Paul he was allowed to help if he wanted to. And I couldn't have done it without him. Or at the very best finished sometime next month. Oscar and I did have to leave at one point when he put some liquid on the panel to prime it for the primer. First he went over it with the sander loaded with a very fine sandpaper, then the liquid processor. When I bought the paint, I had the primer tinted with the paint color, which, fortunately was all printed out in a neat label on top of the old can. King Arthur's Court. And all the paint numbers that go into white to make the pretty cool beige. I like that Caldwell Lumber Company does that.

One thing lead to another and the hutch had to be unloaded and pulled out. I cleaned out old cookbooks and various and sundry other things, which needed to be done, and even it looks better, although I do want a darker wood one sometime in the future. All this started when I found the counter height table and chairs I had been looking for in Iuka. (They were neatly loaded into my SUV and reminded me of the time Sher took her Mrs. Brumley's Hoosier cabinet back to San Antonion strapped to the top of her car. We will try to find a way to move almost anything!) Then the wood paneling in the kitchen had to go. Needless to say, two old people at my house were so sore this morning they could hardly move.

And didn't. After finding every muscle I had was screeching, I took two Advil, my other morning medicine, and went back to bed. If I don't go back to church soon, I may be put on the prospect list.

So here's what we ended up with. I know the darker color should be on the bottom, but it was already on top since I was trying for a "dining area" effect with this small room, and the paneling refused to be painted at that time. But all in all, I think it looks good and it lightens the room. With the darker wood table, chairs and hutch, maybe I'll leave it alone for a while. Except maybe for valances. And a table cover. Now if I could just get all the door and window facings painted white... Not holding my breath.

The two-door cabinet on the left is a small pantry Paul built into the closet that houses the hot water heater. He borrowed the idea from the small house we rented on Cottonwood many years ago, and was our landlord John Garner's original plan. It's about the depth to hold a regular sized can, has several shelves, and the whole deal is on casters, making it easy to roll out for access to the heater. It begs for white paint...

By the way, anyone need a good maple table with two leaves and six matching chairs? They're for sale.

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