Thursday, June 24, 2010


A "chance" phone call and it has opened up a whole set of relatives and ancestors I never knew I had! When cousin Edwina called Aunt Ginny (not her aunt, Paul's aunt and really "my" aunt), to see if I'd be interested in her research on family history, I immediately called her back and said I certainly would!

So now I have an album of pictures of grandparents and great grandparents, aunts and uncles, great uncles and great aunts, and branches of other families I had no idea I was related to in some way. All of north Tishomingo County is related to each other. All. Since we have no near relatives here, it is even more surprising and epiphanous to find all these connections! It's wonderful and I love it.
Mamaw Bessie and Papaw Charlie Thorne, my paternal grandparents.

Their living children at the time this was made. I think this was made at Mamaw's funeral. There were three other sons who died in infancy, early childhood and as a young man of 35. My father is in the middle. Now Uncle Spencer (Slip), far left, and Uncle Allen have passed away. Now Luther is 84; Aunt Polly is about 71, and Aunt Reba is 96!

I didn't know until Edwina gave me this that Papaw Charlie played the fiddle! He's on the far right.

Brenda says you can't do it all at once and I believe it. You can't take internet postings at face value; facts need to be verified. You have to be patient. She's done family history for over 30 years; I've "played" with it along the way, and this is my first serious foray into my father's side of the family. It just takes time.

Tomorrow I hope to begin a sewing project; at least get the fabric: table cloth and placemats. Simple enough.

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