Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After I got back from Iuka Saturday, I rested Sunday - it was Father's Day and Amy was home. (I know - I'm beginning to feel heathenish being out of church so long...) Yesterday I made another trip to Memphis for a CT, which took all of two minutes. The rest of the day Amy helped me shop for "play clothes." She fetched, carried, found sizes, colors and gave her opinion. I don't think I'll ever shop without her again. Then we shopped for her! And I got home about 7:30. Oscar misses Lucy the kitten. Last night he got almost all the way under the bed looking for her.

My cousin Edwina, her mother (age 96!) Reba (my aunt), me.

Our Aunt Polly, Edwina, me.

Polly's son Rickey, his wife Laura, me, Edwina.

Just a tiny part of Harry and Theresa's wonderful garden! Daylillies and other flowers galore!

Harry checking out one of the lillies.

Me, Edwina, Bren and Theresa, Harry's wife. Bren and Theresa work together at Iuka Hospital.

Some of Bren's family. Her dad Cecil (front center) was 88 on Sunday; this was made after his party on Saturday.
And more friends. The two kitties outside are Jimmi Ann's. They came over to see what inside kitty Lucy was all about. They played through the glass door.

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