Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday in Memphis (while there giving Amy TLC for her strep throat, which is better) I got fabric swatches for a table cloth and placemats. I couldn't decide right then, so I brought the tiny little squares home and tried to see if they coordinated with the valances I'd already made a couple of years ago. They did and I decided I didn't need to redo the valances - close enough, and all the fabric was in the same "family" so it couldn't be much off.

Today Paul and I made a quick trip to Jonesboro for plywood for pantry doors (he decided to just redo the doors so they look like the cabinet doors), and I got the material for the table cloth and placemats. And enough for napkins, though I'm sure we won't be using them for that. I just wanted a nice-looking table because we use the back door all the time and that's what you see when you come in. No, what you see is the washer, but I've been saying for years that I've tried to make a big house out of a little house. But I love my little house. Sher loves my little house. Amy does; Paul does. It's paid for; it's quirky, and it's home. We'll have to retrain ourselves on where to put our stuff - his cap, my purse, Walmart bags, newspapers...

I intended to lay the cloth kitty-cornered on the table, but guess what? Forty-two inches square does not mean 42" diagonally, too! Who knew? There was about an inch or so of each corner of the table top showing, so... so much for that brilliant idea. (The nice lady who helped me at Hancock's didn't catch it either, so I don't feel too bad...) I'm just glad there was enough to have an overhang that doesn't look entirely dorky.

This isn't pressed, it's just to see what it looked like. I'll have to hem the table cloth, and in my spare time, when I'm not looking for Thornes, make the placemats. The dish is from Pray Pottery in Iuka.

BTW, Bren researched the Thornes and someone in our little town - someone she knows and who is another cousin of her sister-in-law - had already done a lot of work, and lo and behold, I now know of some of my ancestors back to 1176! And Thorne began as the name Torun, from Prussia, later Germany! This peaks my interest, so I will do a little reading of the history of that time. This was before Columbus! You just never know where you may have come from...

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