Monday, May 17, 2010

Giving Away

Serious business, this giving away stuff. You know it's serious when with me, it's books. I took a stack to the library today for their resale table; magazines to the workshop and to the hospital auxiliary for the waiting rooms. I met Debbie M at the workshop who was cleaning out her youngest daughter's room - her car was packed to the tail lights. I told her I needed her to come to my house. "We're ruthless," she said. I told her that's what I needed... I'm surprised I don't have a Kindle, but haven't made that leap from actual paper to 1's and 0's. It would be so space-saving...

More work to do in the back bedroom, but already it feels better. There is one chest drawer empty! Actually empty. I don't know when we've had an empty drawer in this house.
Amy asked me to fax her resume' to a funeral home in Memphis; I had the resume' on my computer, thought I'd emailed it back to her address when she was here last. We worked on it and got it updated. Praying something good will come of it! Part-time work is great to have, but full-time would be even greater - benefits! Regular hours! Closer to home!

Talked to Sher and she'd found a little "organic" store she had passed many times in the last year. She finally stopped and saw they have cage-free fresh eggs, certified organic raw milk (sealed), other fresh vegetables, some frozen, some in season. Very exciting to her. I wouldn't mind having fresh eggs. I don't want to "subscribe" though - just on an as-needed basis. We really don't use many eggs, but the "real" eggs are so much better. I remember gathering them from nests when we lived in the country. I also have churned milk to make butter; and strained the raw milk for impurities (that was our pasteurization I suppose), but we never got sick. Forbid that the cow got into bitterweed, though. Terrible! Or a flavor of wild onion...

I stayed busy all day, especially from noon on - picked up some of Oscar's med (heart worm), and soapless shampoo, shamelessly spoiled and tender-skinned little puppy. I went to Walmart and got a print of Mama in her little "studio" she had in her front bedroom. I got a 5X7 and sent to Morgan with a note to especially look at the model, which is her.

Another picture of Mama when she was in the Azores visiting Sher, about 1996 or '97.

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