Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slow Start

I finally realized about Wednesday that the backache I was having was because of a UTI and so Thursday I called the clinic for medicine. The nurse was so good to have it called in for me - I so appreciate not having to sit a couple of hours in the clinic when I know what I need anyway. It's somewhat better, but mornings are slow going.
I plan to visit my long-time girlfriend Brenda in Iuka next week, over a long weekend, and I'll stay in "my bedroom" at her house. We have so much family there and maybe one day alone we can visit all of them. I let my brother know I'll be there in case he wants to feed me. Since Morgan has married, they're short of bedroom furniture, and they'll be working, too. Bren and I plan to just run around or sit and talk, the latter being the more appealing plan. And she is making me chicken and dumplins and peach cobbler! We've been friends since we were about 15 and I doubt there's anything we don't know about each other. We just live too far apart... When we were in school, she lived in the city and I in the country, and that's reversed now. In the country, we had a party-line phone. I'd have to wait and wait to call her and when I'd ever get the line, we could hear people pick up trying to use the line, or listen, which is why we developed our own language. It was somewhat like pig latin but had some personalized twist to it. Every phone on the party line had its own ring sequence, but I don't remember what ours was - two longs and a short, or similar.

The last couple of days I've cleaned out filing cabinets and discarded about a foot and a half or close to two feet of paper - old property tax records, old bank statements, old insurance claims, old hardware store invoices (except the ones that have paint color or names that we've used in rooms of the house). There's an app for that... I should put all that kind of information on a Word or Excel document, and may yet. It is so nice to have room to actually pull out a file without having to remove a handful before and aft to get it out or back into the drawer. I've used my little Brother label maker which has come in very handy.

JoAnn called on her way to visit her brother Dan; she was in Jasper, Alabama. She had received all the Joslin/Wadkins family history and pictures I'd mailed, had taken them to Aunt M in the nursing home, and they'd had a great time looking at them. Aunt M remembered where some of the pictures were taken and made comments about this one or that one, interesting family history snippets. JoAnn had all this with her to take to Dan's and share with him, too.

Paul is mowing now that the grass has dried enough.

I must get up and get going... There is a bridal shower this morning - Claire Jo Ramsey and Brody Eaton. Can't believe these "children" are old enough to marry. But then I wasn't ready for Morgan either!

Just back from the shower - wonderful party! I got to visit with old friends and see the sweet young ladies in all their skinniness, sundresses - and platform shoes! Alisha and Joyce invited me to Women on Mission, which meets the first Monday each month for a program, potluck meal, and mission projects. I remember years ago when the Baptist Young Women (BYW) met at night once a month, how fun that was - we collected items for the youth camp, for the migrant center (I don't remember where it is) - things like toothpaste, brushes, razors, Kleenex, etc. There were several who attended at the time - Polly, Judy, Kathy, Helen, Joyce, Mary Helen... I'm sure I'm leaving someone out. So it would be good to get together again. Joyce and Alisha are both recently retired, too. Fonda, the groom's mother, introduced me to him and said, "Amy used to babysit him some when she was in high school." Perspectives.

I'll get up and get going - need to run to the grocery store; I'll probably make spaghetti for dinner. Then there's tomorrow's dinner - it isn't Mother's Day again, is it? - so I guess I'll have to cook. But there are some "take-home" boxes in the fridge we can heat up. Maybe a salad to go with them... Talking to one of the hostesses, their family has Sunday dinner every week - the least they have is around 15 - they cook at her mother's house - "She has all the pans..." - and there are a half a dozen menus they rotate around. Wonderful tradition and to have that many family members, now greatly extended out to grandchildren, just whoever shows up...

Went to the grocery store; what is a #2 can? I think it's the small size can, about a cup. I got cream style corn, jalapeno peppers and shredded sharp cheddar cheese for Mexican cornbread, which is now cooking, and the spaghetti is sitting, waiting. The noodles will be too soft but the bread will make up for it. Some combo: Mexican and Italian.

Sher called and had stumbled upon her neighbor's yard sale and asked if she could put a few things in, which she did, and made $116! She said she regretted selling an old char with a cane bottom, which she had caned herself. I was surprised she'd sold it, even considered it, but it will be in a good home, I'm sure. She was ready for a nap, as I most certainly am and will have as soon as we eat.

The first day lily of the summer. Love this color.