Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Around 6:45 yesterday evening Dr. Johnson's sweet nurse Laura called and said my tests were normal! I had to ask her again to be sure! Yes, the echogram and the stress test indicated no damage, no blockages! What great and wonderful news to hear! So now on to trying to eliminate the rhythm problem! (Which, strangely, has been so much better; but I'm taking my meds at night and nothing in the morning... and have eliminated the sleep med; and not having any trouble sleeping now!) There's still the problem of being out of breath, which I have a theory could be caused from the hiatal hernia. Anyway, I will see the doctor the first week in May, after the monitoring is finished. I'm so very thankful for the results!

So today my list includes finding a nozzle for the hose - a few years ago I bought one that was a "fireman's" hose and it had a lot of pressure, did a great job cleaning off the patio. So I'll look at the hardware store for that. And a coil to contain the wires to the satellite radio dock. The ferns I usually get at Hay's won't be in till next week, nor the camellias, which I was glad they will have and I won't have to search for. Yesterday I did get some tomato, sweet banana pepper and bell pepper plants for a tiny garden, which likely will have to go behind the garage. Our yard is so shady there isn't much sun for any length of time. Mama had a tiered planter that I have now and petunias will go in that. And there are some azaleas that need to be replaced in front of the house.

And an appointment at Hairjazz.

Another gorgeous day, a gift from God. Every day He renews His mercies!

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