Thursday, April 15, 2010

Panama City or Bust!

I had an epiphany early this morning - I've had my tests, gone (yesterday) for my annual physical (Jonesboro), and now all I have to do is wear this monitor, my constant companion, for another couple of weeks. The weather is still very nice; the azaleas are blooming all over. Why not go to sister's these two weeks? So I am. We talked early this morning and laid out the plan. My visit will be until Morgan's wedding - the church wedding - May 1; she and I will come back to Iuka the Friday before; afterward I'll come back to Wynne with Paul. Later this summer I may go back for a longer visit, or later in the year. I've put this off and it looked as if things kept happening to push the trip back; before we know it, it wouldn't happen. So we're taking these two weeks. "You sound like me," she said, "doing this on spur of the moment." It feels good!

I'll get to see Jordan, Melanie, Nate; and possibly JoAnn, our cousin, and Aunt Margaret!

I took some ironing to Tina this morning so I wouldn't have to stand half a day getting that done; it really tires me - legs, back. Got to get O's arthritis medicine; return a book to the library; try to leave the house straight. Paul's a really good housekeeper - when I got home from Amy's I could see who makes the mess - me! Paul really lives an uncluttered life, unlike me... I did put a lot of things away I'd been going to get to for a week or more. Nothing like a deadline...

Hopefully I'll get to write some from there; Jordan will have to direct the browser or something. Sher says she has a hard time getting on internet, what with his games he plays. Lots of pictures, though, maybe for later...

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Kaye Butler said...

Yay for the test being over! Have a wonderful trip! I just finished planting 9 azelahs (however that's spelled) yesterday in the front yard...I'm excited! My grandmother's hostas are already huge!

I love spring/summer!