Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Made It Through the Tests

The cardiac tests did indeed take three hours, just as the doctor said. Actually three and a half. I won't know anything for a few days, but since they didn't keep me, I'm thinking there was nothing urgent to be done. I'm hoping it's just a change of medicines or doses. The stress test was the chemically induced one, not the treadmill. If you have to have one, that's the way to do it, unless you have great stamina, walk or run like a twelve year old, or just like being exhausted to the point of falling off the end of the treadmill belt. While the one I had wasn't exactly pleasant, it was way better than the treadmill. They did have to give me an extra push of something to counteract the med (thallium), to help open the arteries back up. And I felt and tasted whatever that was! After lying down a few minutes, I was fine. In addition, there was an echogram and two sets of scanned pictures sort of like a CT, but way smaller. The camera moved over me from right to left. The vent above me, as well as I could focus for the length of time between eye blinks, had 1600 little squares in it.

It has been overcast today and we hadn't been home too long before we got a good shower. It's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow. Everything looks so fresh - the lacy dogwoods in yards, fuschia redbuds, azaleas are coming along. Love a spring rain.

Thanks to all for your prayers. I'm glad the tests are over.

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