Monday, April 05, 2010

Family Portraits

Paul and I went to early church service yesterday; we most always go to the 8:30. For Easter there were the two services - 8:30 and 10:30 and no Sunday School; no evening service. Bro. Matt preached on John 20:15 being the focus - how Mary thought Jesus was the gardener when she was at the empty tomb. Adam was in the garden of Eden and was tempted once and failed; we inherited the sin nature from him; Jesus had been tempted three times in the wilderness and never failed His Father, nor us. John's way of writing here to remind us of what happened in the gardens. Bro. Matt said he would have more posted on this later this week on his blog.

After we got home, Amy had called and left a message saying she had a case that morning and would be home in the afternoon and not wait dinner on her. Paul and I ate around noon and I left everything warming for her.

When she got home, the first one to get any attention was Oscar... HA

But she did bring a big solid dark chocolate bunny, Easter Peeps (chicks) and some tiny Cadbury chocolate eggs. O was beside himself with job just having her company once again. Strane little tail wagging and growling and some other throaty sound as if he really wanted to talk to her.

After her dinner, we updated her resume, then we sat on the patio for a while and talked, enjoying the wonderful spring weather. Later she and I watched "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" while Paul putzed around in the garage. Amy needed to get dog food before going home so she and I ran out to Walmart, got a few things and back home loaded up her car with the leftover dinner. Reminded me so much of how Mama Nick would send food home with us from her Sunday dinners when we'd head back out west, packing everything in little plastic boxes (she used freezer containers).

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