Friday, April 09, 2010

The Gang Was All There; Happy Retirement, Sharon!

Paul and I went to Mike's last night to help Sharon Wingo celebrate her retirement - the south dining room was reserved for us and we had a great time!

Sharon looked rested and happy to see everyone and said she is enjoying being retired too! Cindy and Carolyn had the honoree's table decorated with a beautiful cake and pink and white azalea blossoms. The office gave Sharon a beautiful diamond cluster necklace, and she received other pretty gifts as well. I got her a book (Francine Rivers' Her Mother's Hope), and a book of puzzles, crosswords, etc.
We got caught up on family news: Jim and Kathy Cook and family's cruise; Mollie and Wesley brought baby Kaylin, who laughed, waved and said, "Hi!"; Mark's updates on what has been happening in data and this interesting site on YouTube; this production will be in Memphis at the FedEx Forum in May, I believe. Donna Tarbutton was home after a visit to her daughter's in Arizona (and she brought me a cute kitty mug). Her grandson will be visiting in the summer for about a month; he's seven. I didn't get to talk to Norma much; she was on the other side of the U in the tables. Ruby and Syl were there; Danny from Moro. Now if I try to remember everyone I'll leave someone out - anyway, it was a great party. We "old-timers" are dwindling down there; what will they do without us???

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