Saturday, April 03, 2010


Last night we went to Mike's with Dick and Jean and I also got to see Carolyn and TR (Hayes), and Donna T. Donna's been in Arizona a while with her daughter but recently has come back to her home in Forrest City. Looking forward next week to going to Sharon's supper Thursday night at Mike's. I'll get to see most of the office there. It's been a while. Oh! Colt has a signal light!! They've been working on it some time; the lights are up but not operating just yet. Excellent!

A light rain last night and this morning all the green and pastel reached out toward the morning sun with happy arms and faces! I was noticing the dogwoods just yesterday and they seemed barely to have buds; this morning the white one at least has opened and has that first hue of green before turning pure white.

Paul got his mower back, but after cutting the back yard, had some more problems with it. The repair shop will pick it up Monday again. But he found plenty to do - pressure-washing the patio, the drive, the short wood fence and the front of the garage. Everything looks so nice and clean.

I cooked some for tomorrow; the roast will go in the crock pot tonight for a slow cook. I made deviled eggs (Amy and I like them); some chocolate chip cookies I can't stay out of. For lunch I was going to get some of the fire department's BBQ, but they had already sold out and were gone from Walmart's storefront area. So I stopped at Hay's and got some of their chopped pork, slaw and baked beans.

On the way home I stopped at the video store and happened to see "TV Shows," and yes! there was No. 1 Ladie's Detective Agency! I've read all the books except for the last one - Double Comfort Safari Club. There are three CDs and I only got the first of the series. This was on HBO and we don't have that, so I was glad to get to rent it.

I read a while and almost napped; the phone woke me. Sher was at Home Depot looking around, had already been there to get some siding for an out building she is hiring to get done. (The house she bought "came with" a gardener - someone who had worked for the previous owner a long time, and Sher has him do her yard in summer and odd times through the fall and winter, and special projects like this.)

I walked Oscar, made some more pictures. I've decided my little Nikon is just about as good as the one I bought back in November. But then again, I have still not read and tutored myself in the use of the P90... So it still is probably the operator.

Had a notice from Social Security that I will be getting $.70 more than they originally told me. Not seventy dollars - seventy cents! Since I'm having taxes withheld (isn't that something?? can't even retire without getting taxed...!) but anyway - $.30 more in taxes. I suppose that goes back into the SS fund for future benefits...

Altogether a lovely day, perfect temperature. Thinking of the glory of Easter and the Greatest Gift ever given - the wonder of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amazing! Amazing Grace!!

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