Saturday, March 06, 2010


Paul filed to run for re-election yesterday. I'm so proud of him and the work he's done over the last 12 years as mayor and before that as city councilman. He's had great support in the elections and he and I both appreciate that. Hopefully, he will be able to stay in office another term! (Please - two retirees at home will not work! lol)

"Alice in Wonderland" opened yesterday and Amy and I went to see the 3D showing. Once my eyes adjusted, it was wonderful! I enjoy animation anyway, and this technology is great. I don't recall even seeing a 3D movie when I was a kid, so this was a first for me. I probably won't see "Avatar" or "Tron," but maybe "Toy Story 3," which is more my preference. Johnny Depp was a great Mad Hatter; Amy and I really liked the March Hare. It really is as if the characters or objects are "right there," and Cheshire Cat at one point seemed to just hang in the air above the audience.

Late yesterday we went for a pedicure, which was wonderful and relaxing. Amy had some spa coupons and Gould's accepted them ( The ladies who performed the services for us were very sweet. My pedicurist was of Irish/Lebanese descent and had a wonderful story to tell of her grandfather coming to the United States via Ellis Island, and a visit back to Ireland to visit relatives. It is still too cool to wear sandals, but at least we have "pretty toes." This was a nice birthday gift!


Today is my birthday! My first Social Security check will soon be dispatched!

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