Saturday, March 06, 2010

More Happy Birthday

Paul came to Amy's about 10:00 this morning and we had a small "to-do" list for him: one of the fluorescent bulbs in the front bathroom had gone out, and I think we'll have to ask Placido back again for minor plumbing. I went to Target to exchange some hair color. (I'm aging, but of course, my hair isn't.) By the time I got back Paul and Amy were knee deep in leaves - raking and bagging. I even helped rake the front yard, full of tiny limbs that had fallen from the menacing river birch, whose roots were found in the sewer line. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and perfect for being outdoors. This robin didn't get the worm; Amy did...

I got my hair done pretty fast, and it rinsed out purple, so I thought, oh, what have I done?? But I made a good choice - it is just about the same beauty shop color, but covered all the unbelievable gray roots! Just can't imagine where they've come from!
After we all cleaned up from yard work (Paul and Amy also cleaned leaves from in front of her garage and where her dogs are fenced) we went to Huey's for my birthday supper. Getting to be regulars there...

Somehow the conversation usually turns to cemeteries and since we had nothing else to do, drove through Memorial Park, off east Poplar near the interstate. It's really pretty large and has a National Historic register plaque at the entrance: A unique cave was constructed by Memorial Park founder F. Clovis Hinds and Mexican artist Dionicio Rodriguez in 1935-38. Natural rock and quartz crystal collected from the Ozarks form the background for nine scenes from the life of Christ. The cave and environs were built of concrete in imitation of rocks, boulders and trees. This naturalistic art recreates links with history and literature.

This link will take you to more information about it.

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