Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Young For That!

I called the veterinary clinic this morning for clues as to Oscar's shaking. He's been doing that off and on about a week, and especially yesterday and this morning. Just not acting like his usual self. This afternoon I took him in and Dr. Smith x-rayed his hips and knees. Diagnosis: arthritis in his knees. Little bones are curved outward and arthritis is evident. He showed me and I could see exactly what he was talking about. He prescribed an anti inflammatory to give him once a day for a week, then every other day. Eventually every third day, but he said probably no further apart than that. He's pretty young to have arthritis, but I've noticed just about from the time we got him that he throws his right hind leg out when he walks, like his foot twists, unable to bend his knee. And in fact, he really couldn't. Poor baby. I think he felt a little better this evening. (And to think we made that big loop at the cemetery yesterday! No wonder he was shivering! He was hurting! Dr. Smith said not walk him too far for a few days, so O will have to mind his business out back.)

Before the clinic, Norma called and I met her and Carolyn for lunch at Mike's. (I was glad I'd gotten dressed this morning and not still in jammies!) So good to see them! Carolyn is taking something for a cold/bronchitis, but trooper that she is... Wesley was there having lunch with another friend and I didn't even know he was there till we started to leave. I'd emailed him this morning for information about an iPod. (I didn't even know I have iTunes on my computer. I copied/converted all the CDs I have on Media to iTunes library. Sometime when I'm at Walmart I'll look at the iPods. I have the gift card from where I took back the gift the office folks gave me - returned the photo frame that I already had one of.) Beck called me this evening and we talked a long time, got caught up on news of her dad, kids, grands, cousins, etc. So good to talk to her. Carolyn and Norma said Ron had been interviewing applicants for the receptionist job. Didn't I want to come and apply? I think not.

I got season's clothes pretty well changed out and for the first time in a long time, my closet actually has space between the hangers! See, I don't have to have so many clothes now I'm not working! I changed both beds and did some dusting, so I was pretty tired by the time I'd eaten supper. Paul was, too - we both napped in the living room - he on the couch and me in my recliner. Now we're both wide awake.

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with the TBs - Jean, Carol and Charlene - at Colby's at Eight O'Clock! Not Seven! I don't have to Hurry! I do have an afternoon doctor's appointment in Germantown, but I still don't have to hurry like when I had to leave for work. It is so Freeing! Hoping the doctor can tell me something "simple." My flutters have been better, but it is alarming that I'm only two days out from having such an episode as the other night. And my blood pressure has been good, just taking 2.5 mg of the amlodipine... Maybe, once again, I have fixed the problem. But I'm still going.

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