Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Thursday

I had breakfast with Jean, Carol and Charlene this morning at Colby's, for my "retirement party." Was so nice, fun, lots of laughs. We really should do that more often! The girls had cards and gifts for me, such great friends. It was great not to have to hurry and eat and leave for work! We visited for a whole hour and Randy Yarnold made our traditional group picture. 'Cept I can't get it to upload on Amy's laptop... later...

I left for Memphis and stopped by to pick Amy up; we ate lunch at Panera Bread (delicious!); she went with me to my doctor's appointment. Had to wait a while as I thought I would, but Dr. Johnson took plenty of time and answered questions. Have to wear a monitor for 30 days (the monitoring provider sends them UPS now, and you mail them back...); and an echo and stress test - yes, the dreaded stress test!! - is scheduled in a couple of weeks. I said, cringing, "You'll stop the treadmill when I tell you, won't you?" He said he would, of course, but then seeing how I didn't even want to think about having one said, "Or, the chemically induced stress test. "But it's not as bad as it used to be..." They use a different drug. Wellllll... I will just not think about it now. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet. He just wants to be sure there are no other problems before he starts adjusting/changing meds.

Of course all this is mashing up against my rescheduled trip to Sher's... That may have to be set back a little...

And no trip to Memphis is complete without a stop at Davis-Kidd. Near the check-out was a stack of Rebecca Skloot's book I just finished, and she will be at Davis-Kidd next Wednesday evening. I'm thinking about coming back to hear her talk. Also, Norah Jones has a new CD out - "the Fall." I listened on the earphones to the beginnings of each song and they're good.

Amy had a call for an embalming job, so I've been resting, talking to Bren about her younger brother and his gravely ill wife, who is on life support. Very difficult decisions to be made.

I called Paul about what the doctor said and asked about Oscar. "He's waiting for you at the back door," he told me. Poor baby, misses him mommy. Yes, I love my dog.

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