Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Perfect, In Fact...

That Oscar and I went for a stroll in the cemetery. Forsythias in full bloom! He loves the open space - not that I let him off his leash - he knows he's in a different place and looks out the truck window expectantly when I drive there. While we were there we came up on two ladies who were cleaning off family plots and replacing flowers. I have known both of them for years and worked with Mary for a little over a year at Cross County Farmers in the late 70's. Mary Slocum and Margaret Brown. A light bulb went on over my head. "Are you related?" I asked. Well, my goodness, they're sisters! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them, but of course, they favor each other! I learn something new about families at least every week!

Tiny crocuses were coming up at Miss Ruth's (Ruth Daniels) stone. The sun was so bright it washed out the color, but there's one right in front. I left two tiny gifts at Teri's just to the left of Miss Ruth's.

The peach orchard to the southeast, oh, anyway, the Memphis side of the cemetery - I try to use directions because I'm so bad at them - isn't quite there yet. Lots of blooms, but not a cloud of pink yet.

Little redbird on a shepherd's hook or trellis, nearly concealed in this tree growing around it.

A few years ago I made pictures of our church when the pear trees were in full bloom, and could pull to the side of Peterson Road to get a full scenic shot. Can't do that now - there are houses built along the west side of the road and I used my zoom to get the pictures and not all the church then. Amazing how that part of Wynne has "built up" as they say. There was a beautiful picture of the church, the flowering trees, and a rainbow projected on the overhead screen Sunday.

Oscar was panting by the time we made our round, but I had brought water that I poured for him. He enjoyed the ride and the different surroundings.

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